2023 Christmas Tree Trends

June 28, 2023

It is officially time to have the talk. You know I love to discuss the trends and how much I do not buy into them. I am what you might call anti-trend. My reasoning? It is a marketing ploy to make us all think that we constantly need something new to make us feel better […]

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It is officially time to have the talk. You know I love to discuss the trends and how much I do not buy into them. I am what you might call anti-trend. My reasoning? It is a marketing ploy to make us all think that we constantly need something new to make us feel better about our lives and so that we will all fit in. I am very much anti-fit-in.

I wholeheartedly believe in flying your freak flag! I think that a lot of time was put into making each of us unique human beings and we completely rebel against that and work our butts off to “fit in” as if that will fulfill us. But enough about my thoughts on trends. LOL

Let’s talk about the trends that I saw at this Christmas Market in January 2023. (Yes, it really does come out in January). I have had a great deal of time to think about which of these trends might actually be the one that everyone will buy into this year and without further rambling, I will introduce you to the first trend of 2023.

It is certainly not a secret that Red is always popular at Christmas but you will see it mixed this year with lovely blush, ivory, and creamy pinks. This was a color trend that I saw in many showrooms at market.
Red and white with or without the pink will also be a slightly different take that you will see in 2023. There is one thing about this color trend, most of us have some red that we can use, possibly even some white or ivory. These two trends will not take a huge investment to switch from a traditional red, green, and white tree. Your largest investment? The white flocked tree. It is key to making this one really come to life.

One trend that is sure to peak most people’s interest is the huge push in blue. Everything from traditional blue and white chinoiserie, to slate blue and pewters, or turquoise and gold, there really was not a shortage of blue in any showroom at the 2023 Christmas Markets. I look for this one to be huge. The reason I feel this will be big is that it is an easy transition from every day decor to Christmas with this colorway. Blue is also a color that is peaceful, tranquil, and serene. This is often what many say that they want for Christmas.

I can see this trend used in many different ways. Personally, I like the teal/turquoise blue paired with a rich tomato red and vibrant yellow-green, that would keep the tradition of the red/green combo but pairing it with the teal blue would give it a touch of something unexpected. This is a trend that I bought at market. I can’t wait to show you some of the ideas I used to pair it together. Take a look below.

These colors are so elegant to me and paired with velvet and touches of gold? I can’t wait to make this one come alive for someone. It is going to be gorgeous. It also brings in touches of the organic feel that another trend is reaching for with earth tones.
It really should not come as a surprise that the warm earth tones showing up for Christmas. There is a huge push right now for biophilic design which bringing nature into our surroundings and using it to connect to the world around us. I have to admit that in the late 90’s, I had a tree in these very colors. If you are thinking that this is a push toward Tuscan design, it is and it isn’t. That is however why we all had these colors in our home year round then. I do see this one catching on over the next few years with a few dipping their toes into it this year. If you are one of those people that save everything and still have these colors from whichever trip around the earth you purchased it, get it out of the attic and give it a refresh. One idea with this trend, you can put this tree up in early October for Fall, carry it through Thanksgiving and into Christmas. Now that is getting your money’s worth out of your decorations.
Okay, now this is my vibe. To say that I was in heaven at this Christmas Market would be an understatement. COLOR is not only back but it is turnt up! (I think that is how you spell it, damn, I need those emojis for my blog). Seriously though, look at all of the gorgeous colors. Any color you want, any way you want it. Mix them all together, choose two or three to build on or go monochromatic. This is my jam. I could write about twenty blog posts on how to use all of the colors and you will get to see some of that coming up in posts here on the blog and in my exclusive “Christmas Crazies” Facebook group. I will be sharing posts pretty much daily on all things Christmas.
This photo from Farrisilk is one of my absolute favorites of bold beautiful color all brilliantly placed together for a gorgeous look. You can check out their Instagram here to see how other designers are doing Christmas and some of the most popular ribbons from their collections for 2023. https://www.instagram.com/farrisilk/?hl=en where you will find yours truly featured from last year.
Still one of my favorite ribbons and use of bright bold colors. This tree is a client’s home in Madison, MS and yes I still use the embroidered multi-color floral on my tree.
Where are my friends that love a good whimsical tree? Do not fear, they are still around and with more to choose from than ever before. I chose this purple plaid and this silk confetti ribbon to go with it for a fun whimsical twist on a sweet treats tree for this year. Yet another one that you will see in my exclusive Facebook group for “Christmas Crazies” just like me. You will be able to purchase the entire tree or shop from it. That is always fun. This trend of “sweet treats” and fun childlike wonder are still going strong and fortunately they have not changed the colors up too terribly much so you can continue to add to one you might already have or you can begin a new one in 2023.
For all of my traditional Christmas lovers, you are safe. It is not a trend and it never goes out of style. You can always add something or take something away to create a new tree each year if you wanted to. The trend that I do believe you will see with this is the addition of blue to the red and green. Look for cobalt to navy shades for this trend and this one is one that I would do all day log. I love blue mixed with a red and green for a fun, classic, style tree that stands the test of time.

I hope you enjoyed this quick scroll through what I predict the trends for 2023 will be in colors for Christmas trees. As for styles? Well, that is what I love about Christmas, you can create your own unique style or try out something tried and true. I have defined styles for upcoming course, “Decorating a Christmas Tree like Alisa Berry” into six different styles. Follow me on my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Alisaberryinteriordesign1st/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/alisaberrydesigns/ this week as we begin to take a look at the six styles. I am curious which “one” you will fit into or will it be multiple? Never fear my dears, I have a fun little quiz to help you figure it out in the course which is launching on July 10th, if the Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise.

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