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Beach Life- Arbor Landing Living

May 15, 2023

I share this home every year around mid to late May. It never gets old and it reminds me to always design with what the client loves. I take this very seriously and when my client is up for a whimsical take on what they love, magic happens. I am sure you can guess by […]

Beach Life- Arbor Landing Living
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I share this home every year around mid to late May. It never gets old and it reminds me to always design with what the client loves. I take this very seriously and when my client is up for a whimsical take on what they love, magic happens.

I am sure you can guess by the photos that this client loves the beach. She wanted to incorporate finds from some of her favorite trips to the beach, shops that she enjoys shopping while at the beach, and soft soothing palette with bright pops of color that reminded her of the beach. I was able to work with this client as she and her husband were building their home. This allowed us to select some features that really made this home feel like she always had a touch of the beach with her.

Whenever a client begins the design process with me, they always assume that I will use an abundance of color. It is true that if it were my home, that is exactly what I do, but when it is your home, I design with you in mind. The color schemes that appeal to you, the amount of color that you feel comfortable with. It is not about me, it is about you. This home showcases this client’s love of the beach and yet gives her the restful space she needs to come home and raise her family in.

It is important to reveal to the world, who you are, what you love, and what makes you happy. Telling your story has always been important and now more than ever, our homes need to reveal that to all who enter our home and life. When inviting others into your home, you should feel comfortable with your surroundings and how they reflect who you are. No imposter syndrome going on here. You might guess that this client is very centered around her family, and appreciates the serene life she lives in her home with her husband and daughter. What you might not be able to see is that she is smart, beautiful and private.

In addition to sharing your story with the world, I enjoy working with you to find what makes your home as functional as possible. This means getting to know how you live, where you spend your time, who lives in your home, does your home include pets and other details that will help me design for how you live. A beautiful home without function is just box of pretty rooms that look like nobody can live there. This is not how I work. As much as I love to design beautiful spaces, I find that functionality is paramount to other design features.

One of the reasons that I have continued to share this lovely home each year around this time is that it gives me the desire for a beach vacation each year. All of the small touches that my client thoughtfully collected, the items that were sourced for this project that made it rich in details. I also choose to showcase this home because although it has been about seven years since this project, it is still timeless and classic. This is always the goal for me to create this for my clients. I am happy to say that I nailed it with this one.

If you are ready to live life boldly and show the world who you are, I am now accepting projects for August 2023. It begins with a clarity call, then an initial consultation where I am able to look at your plans or your existing home, I will ask many questions to learn all about you, we will discuss your investment level for your project, what to expect when working with me, and I will measure spaces and take before photos of the existing home. I will help you to determine a realistic time frame for your project, and I will answer any questions you have. We will spend around a couple of hours together to gather all of this information. Let’s connect and discuss the options for your next project.

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