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Does your house excite you and make you smile each morning? Or are you constantly thinking of all the things that you want to do with that house some day

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Designing spaces that change your life is my passion. I get a thrill serving those who recognize the power of a well designed space. My approach is to create unique, functional, and beautiful spaces that reflect your desire to succeed in living for who you were created to be. Whether you are looking to transform your home into an empty nester’s dream home or create a home office that has you singing on Zoom because you are just happy to work in that space, I am here to help you achieve your vision. With a focus on quality, color, and comfort you will wonder why you waited so long to be you. 

A clarity call with me will help you decide where to begin on this road of fearless home design.

 Fearless Design For Your Real Life

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I have a special kind of genius in finding what makes you smile when you walk into a room. In my 25+ years I have spent in interior design, I have learned that a home that makes you smile has the power to change your life. Through the many purposes your home has to fulfill each day, finding your comfort level and creating a happy place is essential. Are you ready to discover your happy place?

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Living boldly and beautifully in your home is more about the choices you make than it is about the color of your walls. Deciding to bravely go where few other women go is a game changer for happiness. Join me on the blog each week as I share what it is to live boldly beautifully, in life and in your home!

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The bold and beautiful life of purpose 


“Alisa has amazing talent, she makes the design process fun and not stressful.”


I'm Alisa, your fearless designer.

A few years ago, I was a designer just designing for whoever came along and there was no joy in it for me. But, I wanted more meaningful and so did my clients. Now, I help women learn to be bold in their lives by transforming their homes from boring and bland to the unique and gorgeous home that serves their dreams. 

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Ready for Your Home to Make You Smile?

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Imagine living boldly, free from trends and following every TikTok influencer getting paid to sell you someone else’s dream. Let’s begin with an Initial Consultation and get right to it.