The course you have been asking for is finally here.

The course you have been asking for is finally here.

In this one of a kind course, I am giving you 20+ years of expertise packaged into all of my Christmas tree decorating secrets (and more). 

Are you ready to Decorate your Christmas tree like Alisa Berry? 

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You will no longer have to just dream about a gorgeous Christmas Tree, you will be able to decorate your own just like the ones that you have seen me do for years. Beautiful ribbon, ornaments galore, and crowns are now going to be so easy you will want to do multiple trees.

I have decorated Christmas Trees for 28 years and every year I looked for an easier way to do the trees so that I could work for more people. I figured it out. I found the solution to deciding on a style and building it up to the level that I decorate trees on now.

Welcome to Decorating your Christmas Tree like Alisa Berry

Are you ready for the Tree of your dreams?

Alisa’s tree designs are gorgeous and when completed, her trees are a work of art. Alisa designed the most stunning tree for me, she ordered everything, and then decorated it to perfection. 

— Kim McClain

"Alisa is the queen of Christmas!"

Earlier in life (and in my first marriage), I had pitiful Christmas trees. That is all we had growing up so I did not know how to do anything other than what was familiar (in more ways than just Christmas trees!). In fact, I didn’t even know that “Gorgeous Christmas Trees” were a thing.

I, too, have had lackluster Christmas trees because I didn’t know what to do!

it wasn't until much later (after the end of my first marriage), when I got a second job selling Christmas decor that I realized people went all out on Christmas trees. I knew right then, I had to do my own and I had to do it grander because if those were good, I knew I could make them better. 

but guess what...

Elevate your Christmas Tree to Interior Designer Status

let me introduce...

The key to a gorgeous Christmas Tree is knowing your style. I have a quiz and resources in this course to help you determine your style. I also have a recipe that you can follow to have confidence in your purchases or using what you have to create a tree exactly like I do. 

Decorating hundreds of trees has given me the knowledge needed to teach you how to create a gorgeous tree that not only suits your home and family, but also makes you happy all season long. You will feel like a pro with knowledge about what tree is best for you, how many of each item you will need, and how to edit what you already own. 

I am giving you my exact formula so you'll know where to find the precise ingredients you need to decorate your perfect tree. This course if full of resources to make this process easy, and to walk you through your choices. And, most importantly, you will learn all about ribbon; I am sharing all of my most popular and sought after ribbon methods.

Here's What You'll Learn

What is the Alisa Berry Method?

What You Need And Where To Get It

Begin with the Basics

What do I need to be a success? 

If I only tell you what to do with a tree, it will only leave you longing for more. So, I will give you ideas to add to other areas of your home using the same techniques you used on the tree to create wreaths and garland. I even share tips for your mantle and what to do with those collections you might have.

How to Keep The Party Going!

How to keep the party going!

Imagine what having step by step video tutorials can do for your skills. Once you learn the correct order to place each item on the tree and how to do it, you might even come after my Christmas Tree decorating business each year. Included with the videos are the step by step lists to get it right each time. 

Decorating The Tree

Getting to the Fun!


Define your Christmas Tree Style and kick overwhelming, endless ideas and wasteful purchases to the curb. 

How does this sound?

Determine what you need to create the tree of your dreams, and create your tree with complete confidence. 



the results you're going to get:

Learn the proven techniques that I've used for over twenty eight years (and have gotten me featured in national publications).


Feel confident creating and decorating your dream tree, and you can entertain whoever you would like this Christmas.


Learn how to keep the fun and Christmas cheer going with wreaths, garlands, mantles and more. 



How It Works

You will learn from over 28 years of tips and techniques to decorate a Magical Christmas Tree.

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Watching now will prepare you for Christmas Decorating early, so you can put off the stress of the season. 

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Start now. Yes, you can practice to make perfect and when the time comes, you will knock it out in no time. 

 Decorate Like you have always Dreamed of

Alisa’s care and attention to detail when it comes to Christmas is unmatched. I’m excited to have a magazine worthy tree this year! 


is thrilled with her unique design:


Alisa Berry Designs in one word…Magical! She makes tree design and decorating easy, beyond beautiful and fun during what is normally a stressful time.


is excited by her home:


real results

This Year, Give Everyone Else Christmas Tree Envy 

Share your secret with them.

I wish someone had given me this course twenty eight years ago. I think of all the money and time that I could have saved and let’s not forget the frustration of spending the money and time and still not having the results. That is not going to be you this year. 

You are more than capable of creating and decorating a gorgeous Christmas tree just like I do, you only need to know how and with what to get you to that level. I am here to teach you step by step and help you get there.

You're in the right place.

If you purchase the course now, you will also receive my free membership in a private Facebook Community with other people like you that are learning to decorate a Christmas Tree and their home just like a designer. In this private community, I will have daily ideas for different styles. Question and answer sessions weekly where I will randomly select a question and provide the answer. Perhaps the best part of this group is the access to over 15 Christmas Tree Designs that I have created for the 2023 Christmas Season based on the trends for this year. Not only do you get the designs, you will receive the recipes, and if you would like to purchase through Alisa Berry Designs, you will receive a 10% off code, and you can connect with other members to get feedback on your ideas. It is my Christmas Crazies Community. Valued at $399 yearly. (Yours free for joining now)

Grab this course and learn once and for all how to decorate like Alisa Berry. 


“Quit sitting in the boat, you were made to walk on water."


Alisa has been decorating my house for Christmas for ten years now and I love how she gets my style and taste even as it changes and evolves. This is hands down the BEST Christmas present I receive and absolutely look forward to every year!

— Amye Shamburger

"My house is Christmas perfection."

Alisa and her team designed and decorated my home and tree last year. She was able to use the ornaments I already cherished and filled in with the flair my tree needed to give it personality. 

— Angie Williams

"She transformed my home into a magical space for Christmas!"

I'm Alisa, your fearless designer.

A few years ago, I was a designer just designing for whoever came along and there was no joy in it for me. But, I wanted more meaningful and so did my clients. Now, I help women learn to be bold in their lives by transforming their homes from boring and bland to the unique and gorgeous home that serves their dreams. 

more about me

hey there!

Don’t do it the way I did. 

As you know, I am an Interior Designer with a passion for Christmas. But, I didn’t have any idea how to decorate a Christmas tree like an Interior Designer the first time someone asked me to. She handed me a photo and said “this is what I want”. I shopped with that photo and got the ornaments, stems, and ribbon, but no clue how to put them on. It took me four days to do that tree. Instead of giving up, I figured out what I did wrong and how I could do it better next time. The next year I did that tree in one day. Now, I could do three to four of those in one day with my eyes closed and charge hundreds of dollars to do it. I have literally built my entire Interior Design business from this passion of Christmas Decorating. 

You don’t need to be me to do what I do. you can do this, too (without the UNNECESSARy learning curve), You just need the tools and techniques. 

I learned the hard way 

This is the only course that teaches you to decorate a Christmas tree on this level, with easy to follow instructions and recipes. 

You can learn to be as good as I am with this course.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally feel like your tree is just as you always dreamed it would be? It is not only possible, it is also possible that your friends and family are going to ask you to do theirs. This is exactly how you turn a passion into a career. You learn to do it and do it so well that everyone else wants the same. 

Filling your home with the Love of Christmas is a joy only few experience

We have all seen the Christmas movies where everything looks just like you imagined Christmas in your mind as a child. This is what I want you to create for your family this year. Start with the tree that you have always dreamt of and work your way all the way to the dining table. 

Core memories of Christmas are very powerful and ultimately that is what we all hope to create. This is why we decorate. Trust me, Jesus was born in a stable so it is not for him. We do it for those we love. We want them to feel loved, feel special, and remember that feeling for years to come. We want them to hand those memories and stories down to the next generation.

Learn at your own pace 

Watch the videos as often as you need 

Get support from our group

follow my exact steps + process

This course has all of my tips and tricks for you to decorate exactly like I do.

The course is foolproof because I can still do it all of these years later and I am no more special than you are. What makes me different is that I know how to do it and I do it. You can do the same with this course. You just need to do it. 

This      for you if:

You want to create a magical Christmas experience in your home

You want a minimal look in your home at christmas time

You want to decorate a Christmas tree the alisa berry way

You are not willing to do the work to create the tree of your dreams

You are ready to approach your christmas decorating intentionally

It's probably       for you if...

You want to keep spending money on decor you don’t know how to use



It's probably
for you if...


Let's Do This Thing!

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If you are feeling confident with decorating your Christmas Tree and home, but would love to be a part of my exclusive membership, I am offering you direct access on to the membership without joining the course. You can gain lifetime access to the membership for only $299.

Save money and benefit from everything this exclusive membership has to offer!

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Access to Alisa's Sought After Annual Done-For-You Christmas Designs (15 and Counting!)

Weekly Content from Alisa Herself Helping You Prepare for the Upcoming Holiday

Is there a money back guarantee? Is this program refundable?

No, this is a digital product and the results will vary based on the effort placed into doing the work and the products that you ultimately decide to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course? 

You will have lifetime access to the course and future updates. *As long as this course exists*

Do I need to have any special equipment to view the course?

No, you can use your mobile device or a computer.

Does the course cover how to place ribbon on the tree?

Yes, I share several different techniques with you for placing ribbon on the tree. This gives you ways to change it up year after year. 

Does the course cover how to decorate my entire home for Christmas? 

Not exactly. This course is primarily focused on your tree which is the centerpiece of all Christmas decorations. I do provide you with simple tips and ideas for other areas in the last module.

Does this course help me to determine my Christmas Tree Style? 

Yes, I have included a quiz based on various ideas and styles but if you are still split between styles, then you likely have a couple of strong interests and that gives you ways to incorporate more than one style or you could decorate multiple trees.

Does this course have videos to watch for doing each step? 

Yes, the course contains videos in short form so that you could take one step in at a time. 

I have another question. 

If you have any questions, please just email me and I will be happy to answer. 

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I totally get it, why spend this money when you could just throw up a tree and call it a day? You love Christmas and you have been trying for years to get yours to look this way. Why keep waiting? This can be the year that you get it. You only get so many Christmases with your family. 

Still on the fence?

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