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SKS True to Food Tour III

June 4, 2023

I really hate the sentiment that “all good things must come to an end”. I have questions. Why must all good things come to an end? As life goes, this tour came to an end on our third day. It began just as the second with a delicious breakfast in the Temple Court of the […]

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I really hate the sentiment that “all good things must come to an end”. I have questions. Why must all good things come to an end? As life goes, this tour came to an end on our third day. It began just as the second with a delicious breakfast in the Temple Court of the Beekman Hotel. Then we were off to the LG Headquarters in New Jersey. I honestly had no idea what we would experience, I wondered if I would be bored with all of the appliance talk, but no, this tour did not disappoint either. Do you see a reoccurring theme here? I was not disappointed with anything on this tour. We were welcomed with a red carpet. Okay, it is there for everyone but it was a great way to begin the day. Let me back up for just one second and explain, LG is the sister brand of Signature Kitchen Suite so that is why we were at the LG headquarters. Technology at LG is nothing short of magical. When I think of all that they have created, and all that they will continue to innovate and design, our lives will be forever changed.

LG Headquarters where sustainability is part of who they are. This wall as you enter the building was breathtaking but it is just one of the green spaces in the building to remind you that being “green” is everyone’s responsibility.
The skyline view from LG Headquarters. Actually it is just one of the incredible views

We took a tour of the facilities and learned so much about the technology being developed and the new products that are already available to you and what is to come. We had the chance to “play” with some of the incredible tech while we were there, and I must say. I was challenged twice and my cordless vac skills are on point. Yes, they have a life size video game that you use a cordless vac to shuffle the thingy’s from one side to the other. (Look, I am sure there is a technical name for it but I was too busy trying to beat my opponents to listen. I am competitive.) There was a larger than life LG OLED aquarium screed that we could create our own fish and color them and then set them free in the ocean on the screen to watch. Obviously these are created for young students when they tour the facilities but I am young at heart and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were dancing robots, green screens where you could become an onscreen superstar or not. We learned that LG makes the dashboard screens and technology for many luxury cars like Mercedes, Porsche, and Cadillac and this same technology is what they use to design the knobs/controls on the Signature Kitchen 48″ Duel Fuel Pro Range which you can take a look at here; and while you are there, be sure to admire the built in Sous vide. Yes, you are going to want this baby.

The LG showroom was full of many products currently on the market and few that will be on the market very soon. One of my favorites is the LG Styler Steam Closet with True Steam Technology and Moving Hangers. I seriously have got to build a home for this and the pro range. I need them both in my life. I have included the link to the styler here for you, trust me, you need this. One of the items not quite on the market yet is the LG Shoe Car and Case. You have already heard me talk about this one, in fact, I have clients waiting for this to hit the market. Not only can you clean and sanitize the shoes but preserve them. It works for handbags also.

If you collect high end sneakers or shoes, you will want to consider adding the shoe care and shoe case to your home. You can stack them or purchase the locker or both. I would go with both.
The advancements of the stackable washer and dryer are pretty cool. I might even be convinced to get a set of these to make room for the Styler in my laundry.
The Cord Zero, I all I am going to say is that there may or may not be one of these on the way to my house. I did not expect to be dazzled by a cordless vacuum and I was. It not only vacuums with superior cleaning but it empties itself. There is a power mop attachment, hidden tool storage so no more looking for where you put those. I was sold, I didn’t even expect to purchase a vacuum on this trip. I am sharing a link so that you can check it out. (No, I am not getting paid to share the links, I am just making it easy for you to find)

Our day at LG Headquarters went by so quickly, and before we knew it, we were at the brand new Signature Kitchen Suite Skyline Showroom. We were greeted by SKS Executive Chef Nick Ritchie and the brand new North East Region Executive Chef of @sksappliances @lgusa Sakari Smithwick whose first day on the job was the day of our tour. We were the first Designhounds or anyone else for that matter to experience the new showroom. Chef Nick and Chef Sakari prepared a #truetofood experience for us as we each sat around the gorgeous island with that 48″ duel fuel pro range, (I told you I was obsessed right?) with the built in Sous vide. I once again was invited to try foods that I had convinced myself that I would never try. This is why they always tell you, never say never. Chef Nick prepared the perfect poached eggs that were part of our soup. I turned my nose up and Chef Nick convinced me to try it. It tasted very similar to butter and I am a fan. Several Designhounds were invited into the kitchen to assist Chef Nick and Chef Sakari with our three course lunch. We just kept eating and drinking good wine. I knew before I ever went to New York, I have always been a fish out of water in Mississippi and I could seriously learn to love the NY life but there are grandchildren so I will stay in the Sip where y’all just have to deal with me.

The brand new Skyline Showroom
See, in case you didn’t know, Designhounds are kind of a big deal. (lol, but seriously, every where we went, you would have thought we were royalty. Thank you, SKS.
Chef Nick showing off those perfect poached eggs with Megan Daughtry of Proud House Studio in the background
Chef Sakari and Meredith Weiss of Merri Interiors
There is that beautiful poached egg in my soup which was truly delicious. The name of this dish is Asparagus with English pea passata, SV poached egg, lemon-truffle vinaigrette
Our main course; SV NY Steak “al pastor” with quick potato, broiled pineapple, avocado and hibiscus
Crespelle with cherries jubilee and basil crème anglaise
Megan Daughtry and Meredith Weiss
Ashleigh Underwood and Megan Daughtry
Chef Nick and Chef Sakari

As soon as we finished all of the amazing food, we jaunted (okay, I moved like a sloth) across the showroom to learn more details of the Signature Kitchen Suite and our tour was presented by John Russo, who is quite knowledgeable about the brand and is a really fun guy. I want to tell you all about each piece in this appliance suite and what the capabilities are, but that will be an entire blog post by itself. We enjoyed our tour and we learned so much. Everything is coming at you so fast with information, you really can’t comprehend it all until you get home and let it digest.

John Russo of SKS
Soon my love, soon, you will be in my home. But first, I will need to build that home. (I really am obsessed with this range.)
48-inch Built-in French Door Refrigerator. Check out the features of this industry leading integrated 48-inch French Door Refrigerator/Freezer.
24-inch Integrated Column Wine Refrigerators

I am sure you are thinking that our day was ending by now, but it was not. SKS invited us to their conference room to discuss what we would like to see them bring to the table for our clients, they asked our opinion about their current offerings and what we thought was still needed in the market. (I told you that Designhounds are a big deal). I was so impressed that they wanted to hear our candid thoughts and feelings. I am sure those of you that know me, can only imagine that I did not hold back. I expressed the desire for them to bring these products to Mississippi, because there are plenty of people here who enjoy cooking and would love to have these products in their homes to help them prepare #truetofood meals. Each time I attend a market, I realize how sheltered we are from what is available on the market. It seems so odd at times that the rest of the world sees the unique, luxury items available but for some reason it does not end up in showrooms here. They are working on it, so more about that to come.

My face always says what I am thinking.

We are off to our final dinner

Our last meal #truetofood dinner together was held at another beautiful restaurant, Battello located on the Hudson River with breathtaking views of the Manhattan Skyline. I have included the link here just in case you would like to check it out . Battello is a contemporary Italian Restaurant with an emphasis on seafood with a menu designed by one of New Jersey’s top culinary masters, Chef Ryan DePersio. I probably do not have to tell you by now but there was wine, cocktails, and so much good food.

Our first course was a choice of Chopped Kale Insalata candied hazelnuts, aged beemster gouda, quinoa, hazlenut dressing or Braised Octopus neonata, castelvertrano relish, fingerling potatoes, frisee, chive oil. I did taste the Octopus but I opted for the Kale salad because I couldn’t stop thinking about how smart an Octopus is. Our second course; Mafalde Cacio E. Pepe pecorino, cracked black pepper. As one of my grandchildren would put it, those were some really good noodles. The entree; Choice of Tomato Lacquered Eggplant, smoked yogurt, crispy lentils, tomato coulis, basil oil, Branzino Ala Plancha red chermoula, spring peas, asparagus, wild foraged mushrooms, preserved lemon, or Prime NY Strip celery root confit, melted leeks, smoked shiitake mushrooms, marsala jus. I chose the Tomato Lacquered Eggplant because I do not pass up any opportunity to eat eggplant. I love it. Our dessert was Mascarpone Cheesecake chocolate crust, morello cherry compote, cherry sauce, whipped cream. There wasn’t a bad bite in any of this meal except it was hard to swallow the Octopus because of my mind. (It was delicious)

I really hope that you could see the emphasis that was placed on eating well. Eating food that is locally sourced when possible, proper preparation with minimal processing so that the nutrients are retained. It is the way we were intended to eat and Signature Kitchen Suite did a marvelous job of treating us to extraordinary food so that we could keep that vision in mind. Each meal was served beautifully which is also an important component of eating well. I personally have been on a health journey for over a year and so this was very special to me.

I am so grateful that Designhounds, Modenus Media, and Signature Kitchen Suite invited me for this experience. It was a life changing experience, the wealth of knowledge shared, the friendships made, and the opportunity to see a bit of a city that I have always wanted to travel to. I honestly do not know how to properly thank everyone responsible for this trip. I do hope that I will see more of you all soon and you can expect to hear more from me, there is a 48″ dual fuel pro range that is calling my name.

I do hope that you were able to follow our tour on IG or FB. There is a highlight reel of photos and videos on my IG here; and of course there are plenty of posts on my FB feed also here; and I would love to have you on either to enjoy daily posts and banter. See you all soon.

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